Media Driver Integrated Console

Vendor Solutions Supported:

Red Hat ® JBoss ® A-MQ
Red Hat ® JBoss ® Fuse
Apache ® ActiveMQ
Apache ® ServiceMix
Apache ® Karaf
IBM ® MQ ®
IBM ® WebSphere ® MQ
IBM ® MQSeries ®
TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (TM)
Talend ® ESB ®

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Blog Posts

Gartner named Media Driver a
"Cool Vendor" in Pervasive Integration

"Organizations are looking to create a single administrative, monitoring and operating environment for complex, multivendor integration infrastructures."

"Investigate integration technologies that can synergize the use of coexisting, multiple integration platforms to create a common environment for deploying and sharing heterogeneous integration infrastructures."

Gartner "Cool Vendors in Pervasive Integration, 2016" - May 10, 2016


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